Deniz Ural is an award-winning designer who is extremely passionate about creating meaningful experiences that could change the way we live and connect. Her latest project Sensorium1 won, Cortex Design’s User Experience Award in 2019, Indigo Design Award Silver in Websites Design for Social Change in 2020, Indigo Design Award Silver in Branding in 2020 and Indigo Design Award Silver in Book Design in 2020. 

She is fascinated by the power of sensory experience, meditation and performance in changing and healing people’s lives. Her motto is, “All We Have Is Now”. 

She has lived all her life in Turkey until she was sixteen. That’s when she has decided to move to Canada on her own to continue her studies. Being far from home and her family since such a young age and having to experience disconnection and isolation at times, made her very passionate about creating a future full of connectedness for herself and others. 

She has studied Industrial Design with a minor in Business at OCAD U in Toronto. She has a performance background as a dancer & instructor with the National Ballet of Turkey, worked with an exhibit design firm in Toronto to choreograph dancing robots for a children’s museum in China, done extensive research on experiences that connect elderly with dementia & young children; where she discovered her passion for research, and also worked with kids with disabilities. All of these experiences fueled her fascination on how impactful sensory experiences can be to heal us. She is now working for Humanistic as a Design Research Assistant. 

She wants to be an inspiration wherever she goes and will always work hard to create value for herself and others. She will continue to fight for a more inclusive world in all her creative journeys. 

" All We Have Is Now "


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