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A collaboration with Melih Yazici


My role in this project : Design strategy & research, creating personas, stakeholder and journey maps, vocalization.

A portable festival designed for seven generations ahead.


The ideology of Spirit7 is to create a seamless educational space through indigenous philosophy where culture, community and each individual is celebrated. 

Our culture is changing. With new technologies on the rise, the way we perceive life, do every-day things, our social and personal interactions, our lifestyle and even the way we feel about ourselves is changing. 

200 years from now, the vision of SPIRIT7 is that we have come to understand the value of life, the importance of connectedness and acceptance.  





The way we experience things is completely transforming. We called this phenomenon 

'"Metamorphosis" as we began to merge digital components more and more to our lives. 

SPIRIT7 celebrates metamorphosis and aims to transform the possible future frustrations, that could arise with a new culture, into positive solutions.

SPIRIT7 is a celebration of life, culture, technology, education, and connectedness. Everybody is welcomed, accepted and considered. 

SPIRIT7 is a portable experience that will be touring around the entire world to connect and educate different communities.  

7 days   · 7 spirits

This event runs for 7 days and each day evokes something different.



All the new technological developments can be implemented in this event both digital and physical to be able to create unique design and experiences. From floating physical or virtual objects to interactive virtual screen monitors, interactive tattoos, and extraordinary workshop.

We have imaginatively considered the food, the security, waste, and transportation systems according to possible future technological developments.

waste management

Our philosophy of connectedness extends to nature and to our relationship with it. Offered products will be either biodegradable or organic. 


Our waste management systems follow Cradle to Cradle principles such as turning "waste" into "food". For example, discharge could be a source of power. 


SPIRIT7 is a celebration of nature. We respect nature, we cherish it, and we take care of it. 

Installations and performances

SPIRIT7 is open for submissions from artists all around the world. We want to create an inclusive space where the differences in our creative processes are celebrated. 

SPIRIT7 will include a huge variety of installations and performances that will relate to the theme of the day. High technology visuals and performances will take our residents to a different world and will evoke all of their senses. 

We want to create experiences that will be memorable to each individual for a lifetime. 

Personas & Renderings



The exterior look of our residences is virtual screenings of common indigenous community structures such as the Igloo and the Tepee. For winter, we use the visuals of an Igloo then it transforms into a Tepee for the other seasons. We want our residences to experience different seasons in "different residences".


Inside, there will be food printers, washrooms, and beddings. There will be assistive virtual screens and robots to provide what is needed in order to create smoother experiences for our residents. These assistants will collect data from the residents to be able to assist them better and suggest events or people that are relevant to them.


There will be small parks around each residence to enrich the experience of nature and to provide our residents a private and quiet area.





journey and stakeholder maps



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