Synesthetic Empathic

The collection of answers will be published at this site at the end of the research.

A sensory-based questionnaire that makes the participant become aware of their own synesthetic perception.

research & Sensory Experience Design + publication


We all have a very unique way of looking at this world.


This project was inspired by the phenomenon of Synesthesia and the concept of empathy. 

All of us are synesthetic to a certain extent, we just do not realize it. 

What colour is your name?

How does yellow make

you feel?

What colour is the 

the letter "M" ?

What colour is

the number "77" ?

Can a smell be organic or geometric?

What colour is 

"TIME" ?

My Process



Experience Design 

Collages & Research

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Cognitive pathway leads to automatic involuntary experience in a second sensory or cognitive pathway. 

Philosophy of perception

The philosophy of perception is concerned with the nature of perceptual experience and the status of perceptual data in particular how they relate to beliefs about our knowledge of the world.  

Sensory Experience plays an important role in maintaining a healthy and an engaged life with ourselves and our surroundings.


Learning and using the language of the software Processing, I have coded these floating colourful blobs to imitate the connection of the cognitive pathways of sight and hearing. The person who is sitting in front of the camera sees these blobs floating on their faces; these blobs react to the sounds that are around them. 


I have not included this piece in the final form of the questionnaire but it was really exciting to learn and experiment with the language of Creative Coding. 


Floating Blobs
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Senses Map.png

We all have different and sometimes common understandings of concepts such as love and time. What we do not realize is that concepts are also a part of this complex map. For example our perception of time is called chronoception and you might not even realize that you have a colour for the concept of time. 

Sensing concepts

To form my questionnaire, I needed to decide which cognitive pathways I wanted to connect. 

Bring necessary materials such as scents, colour cards, paint, assist the questions

Sensory experience based


Decide on 10 questions to ask that connects different cognitive pathways 

After my interviews, people were surprised to see how much their senses were connected and how natural their responses came. From the feedback that I have received so far, most people told me that they were not aware of their own innate synesthetic perception. 

It was really rewarding to share this experience and show people a side of them that they already have but never had the opportunity to realize or explore. 

During my interviews, it was really interesting to observe that for two of my questions, one connecting sight-smell the other sight-concept almost everyone gave me the same answer.  

The concept of senses is something that I just began to explore and it is one of the most fascinating concepts I have ever come across. 


There is so much to explore about the philosophy of perception.